Nashville – good people still recovering from flood

Early this year I had planned to attend the RWA National Conference in Nashville, TN.

Well, you might remember that the area encountered devastation from flooding in early May. The disaster forced businesses to close and the RWA had to relocate their national conference. Now I had a decision to make. You see, I’d never been to Nashville and was pretty excited about visiting the music city. Those dates also ran right across both my mom and my birthday … and I’d already planned to take her with me.

Writer’s conference vs family fun in a city that needed the tourism. Uhhhh-easy … I chose Nashville.

Mom and I celebrated our birthdays in Nashville, TN with adorable designer cupcakes and a delightful lunch down at the Boxwood Bistro in nearby Franklin, TN. The city is still recovering a full three months later. Some houses still had windows boarded up and businesses still not up on their feet. Despite the tragedy that still lay visible, heck we saw a big side-by-side refrigerator floating down the river while on the riverboat cruise! and the Opryland exit was still completely closed off the interstate, these folks were cheerful, polite and ready to greet visitors to their city with a smile.

Let’s not forget what these folks have been through, and if you get the chance — make Nashville one of your next stops. Every dollar we spend there helps them get a little closer to healed 🙂


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