Golden Heart

Not me . . . the Golden Heart ™ contest. For those of you not in the writer frame of mind, the Golden Heart is the annual contest sponsored by Romance Writers of America. It’s a big deal – huge! – and it pulls in about 1200 entries every year in ten categories.

I submitted my entries last week and they’ve been acknowledged as recevied. I’m in!

The preliminary round is judged by RWA members, who narrow the field to approximately 10 in each category.

Finalists are the folks that will be celebrated at the annual conference. This year RWA Nationals is being held in June in New York City. Finalists will see themselves on the JumboTron as they shiver or sweat in anticipation of the announcement of the winner for their category. This award ceremony is like the Emmy’s for writers. A big gala with lots of sparkly gowns and teary acceptance speeches. 🙂

It’s a huge deal because the winner is selected by acquiring editors. A nod from the folks who know what sells! Yeeha. So – it’s a Golden Heart(tm) kind of day for me.


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