I’ve got a book contract in my hand for Out of Focus.  It’s what I’ve been working toward for a long time.

I’ve been in business a long time, but there is nothing predictable about the publishing business. It’s slow. It’s inconsistent. It’s changing.

There was a time when the decision between paper and hard back was the only decision. Now you’ve got Hardcover, Trade Paperback, Mass Market – and Digital. Not just digital, but a list of decisions there, too. Will it be kindle, or nook, or all the formats that are available? Will it be in a brick and mortar store or available online. If you choose print and e-book .. should they release in both formats at the same time? WoW. Publishers are scrambling to figure it all out and we’re trying to keep up with the options that are becoming available in slightly different ways all the time.

But — all that said and saying it loud and proud, “I love my Kindle” , but I want my stories to be in good old-fashioned book format,  too. E-pub only just wasn’t a choice for me.

But now — I have a contract. I’m perusing all the details from royalties to creative input on cover and title, to how many ARC (advance reader copies) I’ll get to share with reviewers as I promote the heck out of this book.

Stay tuned for the details – when it’s signed and a done deal….you’ll be the first to know.


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