Sweet Tea and Secrets – Getting Around

Spreading secrets might not be good, but spreading the word about Sweet Tea and Secrets can be awesome.

SWEET TEA AND SECRETS has been #35 on the Kindle Romantic Suspense list for a while now and that’s so exciting. On top of that, some readers are sharing pictures from their experience while reading it. Let’s see how many fun pictures we can gather and we’ll make a collage! Heck…I’ll even set up a poll once we get a few more and we can vote and give away prizes if it catches on.

Reading Sweet Tea and Secrets

Angela Lewis shared this picture from her vacation spot on Smith Mountain Lake. Who wouldn’t want to relax and read from this setting?

She also said the book kept her mind off the steep dropoffs on the ride TO Smith Mountain Lake on rt 311. We’re glad to not see that picture…those views make my tummy swirl, too, Angie!!

Angela’s mom is enjoying her copy now.
Thanks for passing Sweet Tea and Secrets along, Angie!

Alicia Legg shared this photo of her friend, Carrie, reading Sweet Tea and Secrets.

Carrie is a Scare Me Not – one of the most innovative children’s snugglies I’ve seen in a long time.

When Carrie decided to sit in the cool shade of the crab apple tree and read her favorite new book:  Sweet Tea and Secrets – her friends posted this picture of her on facebook.
“It sure is a good one!” said Carrie about the book as she sipped an icy cold glass of Pearl’s famous sweet tea.

Thanks Alicia and Angela for sharing these awesome pictures and for the wonderful reviews you’ve provided for Sweet Tea and Secrets along the way. Both of these pics were taken on lake vacations. Some people look for Beach Reads…..I think Sweet Tea and Secrets just might be starting a new trend of LAKE READS!

Let’s keep those pictures coming for more summer fun!
Hugs and happy reading,



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2 responses to “Sweet Tea and Secrets – Getting Around

  1. Send your pictures to nancy@nancynaigle.com or post them to your facebook page and send me the link (Yes! I’m on facebook and twitter.)


  2. I’m especially partial to the hammock picture. I love my own hammock out back and yes, it is the perfect place for reading Sweet Tea and Secrets!


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