Friends tell friends…

Isn’t it the truth that we love sharing good news with friends? Great restaurants, super movies, and books by new authors. Hey! I’m a new author! I had so much fun with those letters from Angela and Alicia that I had a little fun with my copies of Sweet Tea and Secrets. Yes…I said copies. You see, we have a 2nd edition out and the second cover is even sweeter than the first! Spread the word that it’s also at a lower e-book price in July…just $2.99 on kindle, nook and other formats, too.

Here’s a picture of a Holland Farm resident checking out Sweet Tea and Secrets.

Say hello to Cheezburger. He’s a one week old red&white holstein. Here Cheezburger is reading Sweet Tea and Secrets at bottle time. He’s a Clyde fan….Boys that drool have to stick together, you know!

Oh, didn’t you know? I live on Holland Farm. We have several hundred goats…this is our very first cow. My husband has more hat than herd (unless you count the goats!!), but we’re okay with that. We’re loving having Cheezburger around and the goats seem to like him, too.

I hope you’ll share some fun pictures of Sweet Tea and Secrets … we’ll add them right here.
It will be fun!
Hugs and happy reading,


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