Hurricane Irene : A messy guest

I flew back in to the Norfolk International Airport on Sunday night and was back in Southampton County by midnight. My husband had warned me about the trees in the road, but boy was it surreal in the pitch black and so much foilage on the road I wasn’t sure I was ON the road at some points.

I idled slowly through the slices the locals had chainsawed just wide enough to get a car through hoping I wouldn’t bump into anything or edge off onto the soft shoulder.  My little CTS did just fine but I sure did miss my GMC Canyon 4×4 a lot this week.

Mike took me out on Monday morning to get a picture of what I’d navigated through the night before.

The last picture is of a huge cedar that fell onto the power lines across the street from Mom’s house. I’m so happy it wasn’t her Magnolia that came crashing down.

We’re thankful that other than some inconveniences things are getting back to normal. All the goats did just fine, too. The fire in the Great Dismal Swamp is slogging down and that’s a good thing. One more good rain and we might put that behind us.

My thoughts and prayers are with those still without power and who met with true devastation from the unwelcome visitor, Irene.

Hugs and Hasta Lavista, Irene!!



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