SIBA – Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance Trade Show

The 2011 SIBA Trade Show was held in beautiful Charleston, SC this year.

This event was the best of all worlds. I had the chance to network with pubishers, booksellers and other authors. I enjoyed several “fan girl” moments as I got free books signed by some of my very favorite southern authors. Seriously, it doesn’t get much better than this!

I aspire to someday have one of my books become an Okra Pick …. yes you read that right. An Okra Pick. Now Oprah would be awesome, too, but Okra Picks are southern books and that is where my heart is! It was exciting to meet authors that achieved that dream already.

I had the pleasure of introducing William Mangum (great guy, talented artist and awesome speaker) for his session about the ART of Marketing. It was a wonderful segment full of tips and practical to-do’s. I took away several ideas and an awesome calendar, too! His coffee table book, NORTH CAROLINA BEAUTIFUL is one that any proud southerner would treasure. The perfect gift. I can’t wait to make a trip to his studio in Greensboro, NC and see him paint. Amazing.

Exhausted but blissful on Monday I was ready to head home.

Good thing my car has a big trunk because I came home with lots and lots of books to read. Now the problem is deciding in which order they’ll get read! I do know the first is THE BUTTERFLY’S DAUGHTER by Mary Alice Monroe. After that…I may have to do some eenie-meenie-miney’s to decide.

Hugs and happy reading~



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