On Friday, September 30th, I drove down to Suffolk, VA and spent the evening with the BOOK CLUB BABES. Special thanks to Sonja who was the host of the meeting and invited me.

What a wonderful surprise to see this sign right on the front door. The hosts daughter made it for me. I’ve got it in my office on my wall now. It makes me smile every time I glance at it! Thanks!

This group of educators gets together once a month. These gals do it right, too. They move the meeting to different members houses each month and whoever is the host is responsible for the meal. Yes! A meal … and wine … and dessert, too. Members bring side dishes to round out a wonderful evening of food and fun.

Since Sweet Tea and Secrets was the book for the month, they even made sweet tea, Jill’s Quickie Chopped Slaw Salad and Pearl’s Famous Chocolate Pecan Pie — all recipes found in the book.

I had the most wondeful time with these ladies. One of the highlights was flipping through their scrapbook. They have a scrapbook page for every single book the club has read. It’s creative and fun and walking down memory lane was so much fun. They even lent me one of their recent reads, The Venetian Mask. An awesome book. I really enjoyed it.

This was my first official book club visit. They sure did set a high bar, but I can’t wait to attend more.

Thank you so much to the Suffolk Book Club Babes for making such a special night for Sweet Tea and Secrets and sharing their thoughts about the town and folks of Adams Grove.

Hugs and happy reading,



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