Find beauty in every day …

STOP! Take a second and find the beauty around you. It’s there. You just have to look.
One thing I do every morning is take a pause to look out the window. I’m lucky living here on a goat farm in the country. I have livestock meandering the pastures outside of my office window. A nice view.

This time of year we’re getting ready to kid so the momma goats are especially heavy and moving a little slower. Hopefully, they are saving up their energy for the bouncing offspring that’ll be coming starting next month. I have forsythia and other brambly kinds of bushes that line the pasture fence. The Cardinals adore them. That’s good with me because Cardinals happen to be one of my favorite birds. You see, I consider them lucky. Okay, so it’s the Virginia state bird and there are a lot of them…I get a lot of luck 🙂 and yes it’s possible that 99% of luck is believing…and I BELIEVE!

It’s true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What I see and embrace may be different than what appears to be the beauty of today to you. That’s what makes it special.

A bird in flight, the breeze through a tree, a bright something amidst the flat colors of winterscape, maybe your beauty is the hustle-bustle of people rushing down a city street. That’s okay, too. Maybe a mother walking hand in hand with her child, or an old man shuffling into the bank with his collar up against the cold. Choose your moments – make them yours.

This is my gift to you — reminding you to find the beauty in every day.
Care to share the beauty you saw today with us?
Hugs and happiness~


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