Happy February~
The month sure is starting out mild here in Virginia and it’s been a blessing. I’ve tried to embrace the sunshine by getting outside for a little while each day and it was pretty exciting when on February 1st we had a set of triplets here on Holland Farm. I posted pictures of the momma goat with her three little girls on my facebook page in the “Kidding Around on Holland Farm” photo album.

So, I’m feeling especially happy and to celebrate that I’m doing a giveaway on GOODREADS of a copy of Sweet Tea and Secrets. The contest will be open on February 4th through the 8th.

If you don’t have my debut novel in paperback ~ this is your chance to enter and win. If you’ve read it and loved it ~ tell your friends so they can enter for a chance to win! It’s free to join and so much fun to meet other booklovers who enjoy the same kinds of books as you.

See you there!


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