Autographs ~ 2012 Style

With the growth in popularity of e-books we’re seeing lots of new e-Readers and tools make their way for our use. Not all of them are applicable only to e-books either.

(ENTER stage-left) (Horns blaring: toot-do-do-dooooo!) is free. It’s original purpose was to enable Kindle users to request and store autographs on their kindle. BUT, did you know that you can set up your account to send those autographs to any email address? It’s true. So, it turns out that it’s also a pretty cool way to get autographs for your favorite books from authors you might not get the chance to meet and get an autograph from in person.

Today KindleGraph boasts personalized digital inscriptions for over twelve thousand books from 2800 authors. Now, I’ll admit as I perused the listing of authors I quickly noticed that many of my old favs are not yet using the tool, but it seems to be very popular with the 2010-forward Debut Authors.

Here’s what you get…
a pdf that includes the book cover image ~ the personalized inscription ~ signature.
A sample of one of mine (LOVED this book and the other two in the series!)

Isn’t it cool!
I’ve got mine on my kindle via my kindle email address, but I have friends that have started a collection of autographs to their regular email addresses. They’ve started a scrapbook type page on their computer…then printed the autographs and tucked them in the front of the books. I love it!

Here’s a short list (including me!) of some of the other authors also on KindleGraph – if you haven’t read them…you should!

Nancy Cohen
Marie Force
Melissa Foster
MJ Fredrick
Adrienne Giordano
Grace Greene
Shanon Grey
CJ Lyons
Nancy Naigle
Kristen Painter
Leah St. James
Leslie Tentler
Kari Lee Townsend

If you have a fav KindleGraph author … leave them here in the comments so that we can enjoy them, too!
Hugs and happy reading~



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4 responses to “Autographs ~ 2012 Style

  1. Good morning, Nancy. I love Kindlegraph! It’s such fun to collect the autographs and see what the author’s write.

    Thanks for the plug! 🙂


  2. Hi! I’m the creator of Kindlegraph.

    Thanks for the wonderful post about the service. I’m really glad that you’ve enjoyed using it. In addition to improving the signing experience, I’m also working on lots of great new features which I hope will bring authors and readers even closer together. I look forward to sharing these with you in the near future.


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