Timing is everything

Just another instance of perfect timing. My husband went out to check his goats Friday evening and found a newborn kid in the field. She’d been cleaned up but none of the momma goats were claiming her. If Mike hadn’t found her when he did, she’d have surely ended up bait to a predator or frozen to death in the cold, drizzly weather. Nearly lifeless, Mike brought the young doe inside and put her on a heating pad and since she was too weak to even eat he tube-fed her. She slept through the night and was doing a little better yesterday. At least she was taking the bottle.

Well, lookee here. What a difference a day makes. After a day of bottles and a little cuddling (not to mention many kisses from the dogs!) this little gal is up and ready to go. We had her in a box, but this morning when I woke up she was cruising around the kitchen. She seemed to particularly enjoy stepping up on the brick hearth and leaping into the air for a snazzy dismount!

I couldn’t resist giving her a chance to explore before putting her in a kennel. She’s definitely curious. Dakota, our 5 month old Chocolate lab (47 lbs), was pretty delighted to have a new buddy to visit with, until that kid started trying to nurse on him!

Guess we’ll have to name her now. Any suggestions?

Thank goodness for good shepherds like my husband – timing really is everything.
Hugs and happy Sunday~



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9 responses to “Timing is everything

  1. Love this story! Wonderfully uplifting and perfect for a Sunday morning. 🙂


  2. I must say again, what a life you have for someone who loves farming. I also have to say, you have another cutie on your hands. Just like Cheezburger, and yes she definitely needs a name. How adorable she is. I’m not good with names, but I may have to ponder this one, since she is so adorable. Hey, how is Cheezburger doing? Must be pretty big by now.


    • Hi Veronica – I’ll have to post a picture. I won’t be making Cheezburger read my books any more! He’s so big he gets to choose what he wants to do hahah. He is frisky and he’s so funny to watch running in the field with the goats. I’m really not sure he knows he’s not a goat!


  3. Shelby S. Harris

    Nancy, Your Dad was here in Ft. Lauderdale a couple of weeks ago, told us about your talent. I downloaded both of your books into my Kindel Fire, I read Sweet Tea and Secrets in two days and just loved it. I can’t wait for our next book club to tell everyone I know you. Oh about the new baby on the farm, how about nameing her “Luckey”, she sure is.
    Stay in touch,
    Shelby Harris


    • Greetings, Shelby,
      Thank you so much for your support. I’m thrilled you enjoyed Sweet Tea and Secrets and hope you fall in love with Adams Grove all over again in Out of Focus.

      Luckey – that’s a great name and she sure is! She’s continuing to do well and is growing every day.
      Hugs and happy reading~


  4. Sandy Taylor

    Monday night about 9pm, I started reading Sweet Tea on my Kindle and didn’t put it down until 6am Tuesday…finished. I got a good night’s sleep Tuesday night, then started reading Out of Focus last night. I finished it at 6am. They are both great books, with warm characters that I loved. It’s so refreshing to read a real “love” story, as opposed to a “lust” story. I look forward to your next novel. Thanks for two terrific reads!


    • Thank you for the wonderful feedback. I love those Adams Grove folks, too. I hope you’ll help me spread the word — it’s tough waters for a new writer like me to get our books in front of readers that’ll enjoy our style. Word of mouth is still the best way! Thank you ~ Thank you ~ Thank you.

      I’ll keep you posted right here on my website – on facebook, too! – and through the newsletter (sign up on the contact tab of my website) with the release date for the next one. It’s titled Expiration Date (unless that gets changed by marketing!)
      Hugs and happy reading~


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