I think I’m feelin’ flush

Okay, it’s a bad joke. But here’s the story to back it up. (Oh lord, that was not an intentional pun at all!)

So, one of the cool things about my author website is that I get all these neat statistics and I can even see where people came to http://www.NancyNaigle.com from if they followed a link.

This morning I was feeling quite international as I noticed that someone had visited my site from Belgium. How cool is that? Well, it was very cool, I agree. Until I noticed that they came from another link in Belgium and I took a peek at that link and it’s a “TOILET” site. Yep. A variety of belgian and french toilets and down below in a big long list of links is my name Nancy Naigle and the link to my website.

So should I be flattered, flush, or wipe this from my mind?
Hahaha – at least it was a good way to keep me humble.
Love and hugs~


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One response to “I think I’m feelin’ flush

  1. Take heart, Nancy! Plumbers read, too!

    I had someone drop by my blog from Turkey recently. Perhaps I should look into that. Hmmm.



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