Suspense…Any Way You Like It

For those of you that helped me raise over $1400 to find a cure for diabetes in the Brenda Novak Annual Online Auction — you’ve heard the phrase, Suspense…Any Way You Like It. I named my category after it this year.

If you take a click over to you find our landing page. This saying came about when four writer made friends at an RWA conference. We all write very different stories, the one common denomintor — suspense.

Adrienne Giordano writes fantastic contemporary romantic suspense with hot heroes that’ll stick with you (and invade your dreams!) Her Private Protector series has done really well and I dare say that if you read the first one, you’ll order the rest.

Tracey Devlyn's
debut novel came out this spring. A Lady's Revenge is categorized as an historical thriller, but let me tell you – don't let historical keep you from picking up this book. This ain't your momma's historical. A Lady's Revenge just happens to be set back then, but this story is dark, adventurous and has romance that'll sizzle you silly. Her next book, Check Mate, My Lord will be out in early 2013 and I can't wait!

Tracy March writes big city thrillers. Her debut novel, Girl Three, snapped up quite a few awards on the path to publication and you'll get to read it for yourself early 2013. Keep her on your watch list. She’s got two other books on the horizon, too.

Then there's me with my small town love stories. Of course, you know that.

So there you have it — Suspense…any way you like it.
You can get to all of our websites from the site.
Hugs and happy reading~


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