Countdown continues – 12 Days and a Keeper Kase™

Congratulations to Virginia Rush who won the prettiest tea cup and assorted teas for joining in yesterdays fun!

I’ve got a cute Keeper Kase™ with autographed cards for SWEET TEA AND SECRETS, OUT OF FOCUS and Dianna Love’s new title, LAST CHANCE TO RUN, to get you started up for grabs today. All you have to do today is pop on over to my author page and leave your thoughts on what format you like to read in. Paper, Digital, Audio….AND you’re favorite place or time of day to read.  EASY as 1-2-3.  Click on over there now if you like!

WHAT?? You don’t know what a Keeper Kase™  is? Lordy goodness, let me fill you in!  A Keeper Kase™ is the fun brainchild of author Dianna Love, and it’s a a way to collect signed covers of your favorite books (we’re calling them Keeper Kase cards)–by using a Keeper Kase™  to complement your library (ebook or print!) where you collect signed swag from your favorite authors. You can use any photo album or “brag book” that holds 4×6 inch photos–and you can have them signed and personalized to keep alongside your e-reader, or your fav collection of books.

I’ve joined a great group of authors who have cover cards ready to send so you can start your collection today.

If you don’t win today’s prize — you can always join in the Keeper Kase card fun on your own. (You won’t get the Kase…just the cards) TO RECEIVE TWO OF THESE BOOK COVERS AT A TIME Send a SASE (Self-addressed stamped #10 envelope ~ that’s the long kind! ~ and one stamp will cover it) to:  NANCY NAIGLE ~ PO Box 723 ~ Emporia, VA 23847

Each of my cards includes the cover image, and a special little something about that book, along with a place for me to personalize it for you (or that someone special as a gift or keepsake).

Now you can collect signed covers of your favorite books. Perfect for fans of digital reading, and a fun gift for that hard to buy for book lover on your list.
These cards solve for some of the feedback we’ve heard recently, like:

  • Bookstores who won’t let you get an autograph without buying a physical copy of the book
  • E-Reader covers filled with signatures that don’t transfer when you upgrade your equipment
  • Authors who don’t make it to your town for a signing

To see the latest list of authors with cards ready for your own Keeper Kase™ , visit Dianna Love’swebsite.

Can’t wait to see your posts on facebook….and here too if you like…Hugs and happy reading~



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