Countdown to release…on 9/25…13 days to go!

I always get worried when I do math in public . . . haha . . . but we’re going to say 13 days and just count on down from here.  On Tuesday, September 25th, SWEET TEA AND SECRETS will be released by Montlake Romance. You don’t have to wait to order it, you can pre-order today. I’m hoping you, my friends!, will help me spread the word so we give this book a happy launch day on the 25th!  To get in celebration mode, each day until then I’m going to give a little something away. You in? It’s easy! I promise.

Yesterday, Dina Stornello, was the winning commenter. I just shipped out her advanced reader’s copy of Sweet Tea and Secrets, a Killer Nashville Read. Relax. Repeat. Tote Bag and a couple other goodies. Fun!

Ready for your chance to win??  


  1. If you haven’t already – go to Amazon and click the like button on your favorite version (print, digital or audio) of Sweet Tea and Secrets.
  2. Share the link to the recipe for Pearl’s Perfect Sweet Tea with your friends on facebook or twitter ->
  3. Leave a message on my facebook author page on the question of the day — how do you like your tea??
  4. Cross your fingers!

An adorable tea mug and assorted Harney & Sons tea, along with a Killer Nashville READ. RELAX. REPEAT. tote bag because they are so handy!  I’ll draw today’s winner at midnight PST so all our friends coast to coast get a chance.


Hugs and happy reading!   Nancy



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