A HEA kind of day ~ Eighteen years of my own love story.

Eighteen years ago, on September 24th, I was getting married. It wasn’t my first walk down the aisle so I wasn’t about to do the big white dress thing…again.

So, sweep away those visions of a rose bouquet, white gown, men in tuxes and gals in gaudy dresses. That’s not the kind of wedding I had at all. Nope. Mike and I had just bought our small farm and the closing kept getting sc0oched out. We’d moved the wedding date once, but thank goodness, the nice folks that owned the property let us have the wedding there anyway so we wouldn’t have to move the date.

Picture this. It’s a beautiful sunny fall day in Chesapeake, Virginia. A bright red barn sits in the backdrop with the symbol HF on he big hay doors (HF for Holland Farm!), straw bale squares are set up around the concrete apron in front of the 40×50 red metal industrial building. The huge sliding doors have been opened so you can see straight through.

The wedding cake was a gift from my soon-to-be (like in any minute!) sister-in-law who had created three luscious layers of the best darn cake that met your lips. Hand decorated with board fence, little pumpkins, and piggies climbing up the side, and an arch with a John Deere tractor under it. It was perfect!!

No white gown? Oh, so you’re wondering what I did wear. Overalls, and Mike and his guys wore jeans and tuxedo t-shirts. It was a hoot. Now, I have to tell you that I wore a pair of blingy LA Gear tennis shoes (they were all the rage back then) and my girlfriend, Patty, well she didn’t even own a pair of tenny-pumps…she had to go out and get some just for the wedding hahah. It was a wonderful day and Mike’s children, Michael and Michelle, stood up with us as we took our vows and started our life together.

It was a great day of celebration and a pig-pickin that kicked butt Virginia style. We rode off on our John Deere Model B tractor…and I was glad for those overalls as I climbed up and hopped my fanny on that metal fender!

It’s been a pretty amazing 18 years with this man who somehow seems to understand me, and love me, in spite of all the crazy notions I get. He’s a tiny bit of every hero I write, and he keeps me laughing which is quite a treat.

Wishing you all your own little happy-ever-after!




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2 responses to “A HEA kind of day ~ Eighteen years of my own love story.

  1. Congratulations, Nancy! I love hearing stories like that. While I really like fiction romance, I also enjoy hearing true love stories. Your wedding sounds like it was a lot of fun and a day to remember! If I had to do it all again, it would be something low key and relaxing. I was so uptight my whole wedding day right up until my husband and I got in the car to drive from IL to our honeymoon destination which was a cabin in Gordonsville, VA! Thanks for sharing your HEA story!


  2. Oh my gosh!! Gordonsville is lovely. I bet it was a wonderful way to shake all the wedding crazies! I love wedding stories, too. Hugs~


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