Pearl-isms – Words To Live By

WELCOME TO ADAMS GROVE…where the tea is sweet, but trouble is brewing. Sweet Tea and Secrets is the first of my books in the Adams Grove series. 

If you haven’t read Sweet Tea and Secrets yet, Pearl is the matriarch of the tiny southern town of Adams Grove. She’s a tough, sassy ol’ gal who has earned her spot in the hearts of everybody in the town. She’s known for her blue-ribbon Chocolate Pecan Pie, and for giving the best unsolicited advice in the county.  This gal will live on in the town way beyond her years on this Earth.

I think the last line in Chapter One gives such a nice peek into who Pearl is.

Pearl tucked a raw broccoli floret behind her ear and leaned in with a huge smile.

I can’t wait to be a sassy ol’ do-and-say-what’s on your mind kind of a gal!

TODAY’S PEARL-ISM:: Better to fight for what you really want then to be left wanting what you didn’t fight for.

Sweet Tea and Secrets



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