Happy Valentine’s Day

If the thought of Valentine’s Day makes you roll your eyes … let’s roll back the years to when it was exciting and fun for everyone.

Remember the days when we decorated bags or boxes so that we could exchange Valentine’s with our class mates? Those were the days. My favorites were always the ones with the sucker stabbed through the middle of the card. You know the ones — red clear heart shaped sugar with the white heart drawn on them. I remember sitting at the kitchen table for hours the weekend before Valentine’s Day carefully sorting the cards by cool vs really cool, then deciding who would get each one.

My most romantic Valentine’s Day ever was more than twenty years ago. My husband and I were just dating. I came home from work and he’d left a beautifully wrapped box with a red negligee with little diamond bling on it and a strategically placed note card that said “my lips go here” — a dozen red roses were carefully arranged in a beautiful vase next to a dozen rawhides tied with a pretty red ribbon for my little dog, Snoozy. You know the guy is serious when he’s wooing you AND your dog!

Nowadays we spend our Valentine’s celebration at the local Ruritan club where Mike is a member and helps serve the Valentine’s Day steak dinner. Since he’s racing around serving up dinners, Mom and I go together and then he joins us at the end. It’s fun for me to see my handsome husband making sure everyone is having a special evening, and I’m proud of the things he does for our community. It’s a really nice evening, and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate it.

Things change over the years, we’ve been married for 19 years this September. We might not be doing things that are romantic like we did in the beginning, but that’s okay. It might not be quite as sexy, or romantic, but it’s filled with love and I feel so lucky to keep adding great and thoughtful moments to my memory bank.

Hugs and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Soooooo—-how about sharing your favorite Valentine’s Day?

Or if that’s too private, what’s your pleasure — conversation hearts, chocolate, or red hots?



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2 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. This year my hubby is in the hospital on Valentine’s Day. I always looked at those really big cards but had never bought one. Last night I took him a huge card with a yellow lab puppy on the front holding a heart. It shows up great in his room and all the nurses will see it today. When there’s an illness, even the smallest thing (or the biggest) means so much. We celebrated an early holiday by eating out before he went in the hospital. 30 years and love is still sweet!


    • Big hugs to Don and you, my dear friend. X O X O I know he’ll get all kinds of attention from the nurses when they see that card. That’ll make his day. You know…you are so right, it’s the little things that stick with us. Even after all these years.

      Don’t give Don puppy dog kisses though hahahah. Mr Mike hates it when I do that. (He loves them from Dakota and Hunter…I must not do it right hehehe)

      Thanks for sharing~


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