Sweet contemporary love stories are just my style…

If you are one of the lucky readers that already downloaded and read THE PRACTICE PROPOSAL…then you already know what an awesome story it is. You might have even noticed that the cover blurb was from me 🙂


I was thrilled to be asked to provide that blurb because I absolutely loved THE PRACTICE PROPOSAL by Tracy March!

But it’s not just me. Readers are totally falling for Liza and Cole’s story! Here’s what Valerie over at Stuck in Books said about THE PRACTICE PROPOSAL “It wasn’t brazen or brash.  It was sweet and charming.  Little secrets that popped out made it interesting.  I must admit that at least one of those secrets was a complete blindside for me. Love it when that happens.

I enjoyed these two together.  I loved that they were on opposite sides of a baseball rivalry.  I love the pie wars.  I loved Liza’s bestie.  I loved that all the little pieces were tied up.  I loved the ending.  I felt good reading this book. If you’re looking for a nice quick read that just feels good, then give this one a shot.”

And everyone’s falling for Cole, the sexy hero. And why not…could you resist a face like this?

TPPpicYeah…that’s what I thought. He was one of her inspirations for, Cole, the hero in this book.

Hurry and get your copy today!  http://bit.ly/12AUeZM

No excuses — THE PRACTICE PROPOSAL is only $2.99 and is available for nook and kindle readers 🙂  And don’t forget to follow Tracy March on facebook and twitter (@Tracy_March) … trust me…you’ll want to be in the loop when her next book, GIRL THREE, comes out next month….and her next sweet contemporary comes out later this year.


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