Christmas Tree – Traditional vs Themes

Over the years Christmas trees change with the times. When I was growing up we had a shiny silver aartifical tree. You poked long wire limbs into a shiny Carolina chrome wooden pole and waalaa…you were ready to plug in the spinny four-color light that would shine and shimmer like no tomorrow. Later my little brother would use that groaning lamp as a grow-light…but that’s a whole other story!  My favorite ornaments were bright turquoise glass that were shaped like a long teardrop. All of the balls were glass and we sure broke our share of them each year. The ones with the fake snow on them were always favorites, although I’m really not sure why because they always looked pretty dingy. Decorating the tree was a family affair, but I’m pretty sure my mom got stuck taking it down every year. ornament

Once our extended family became large, we made hand-made ornaments to exchange each year. It was lots of fun and Mom, my brother and I would start working on them late in the summer so we could have them all done by the big Christmas party. For years before I left home we were able to decorate our entire tree with homemade ornaments. Each had a story.

I still have a set of those ornaments and I love to sit in the floor and go through them. I can still almost remember who made each of them, and I’m always filled with the best feeling as I relive those memories.

I’ve had a live tree for as many years as I’ve been on my own…yeah we won’t do that math 😉 … but this year I threw in the towel and bought a small table-top fake tree. The reasons were two-fold. My husband being sick and unable to join me in the big search combined with the fact that this will be our 10 month old yellow Lab, Cheyenne, first Christmas … was enough to make me give it a try. I ordered the tree online and it was delivered just two days later, right to my porch. Easy as pie. It has realistic limbs and it really is quite lovely. Thank goodness, Shining Sol candle company made a pine and spice scented candle so I am not missing out on that aroma. If I squint I can almost fool myself into believing it’s real.

I have one box of tiny 1″ glass ornaments in an array of colors just to spice things up …. but every ornament on my tree aside from those are western themed. My tree is filled with boots, saddles, stars, lasso’s, stirrups, lucky horseshoes and more cowboy Santa’s than you can count without taking off your shoes and borrowing your neighbors digits.

Here are some of my favorites!

CmasSanta2 Cmasbootfringe Cmassaddle CmasSmoreSanta Cmas turqspur Cmasboot3CmasbandannastarCmashorseshoeCmasboot CmasSantahorse

If you’re still in the planning stages here’s a fun website with lots of cool ideas. 

Do you decorate in a theme? A favorite something, color, or maybe even all homemade?  Tell me all about it…better yet…post a picture!!

Hugs and Merry Christmas~



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8 responses to “Christmas Tree – Traditional vs Themes

  1. I love all of your western ornaments! I love to decorate and we used to have 4 trees (one in each of my kids’ rooms, 1 in the living room, and 1 for the back deck). This year; however, my kids have opted to not put a tree in their rooms. Kinda’ makes me sad. Instead of the usual 7′ in the living room, we’re going to put up a 4.5′. Like you, we have a 10 month old pup (Great Dane/Lab mix) and I’m not foolish enough to think it’s going to make it through Christmas without being knocked over at least once. We’re putting it up today…we’ve put it off as long as we can. I’m looking forward to pulling out the ornaments – an eclectic mix, but they all have to be red, white, or silver. I collect Santas, so I like for the whole house to be decorated in the traditional colors.
    Thanks for sharing some of your Christmas memories with us!


    • Oh, Michelle….I totally know what your going through on the puppy front! A Dane/Lab mix…wow…what a perfect combination. Dane’s have such a great temperament and so do labs…although they are a bit more rambunctious! Cheyenne is a crazy dog. That girl is like a jack rabbit the way she bounces and hops around. The table-top 5′ tree was definitely the way to go.

      I bet your red, white and silver tree will look beautiful!!
      I’ll have to post pics of some of my Santas. I don’t officially “collect” them but I’ve got several that friends have given me that are western. You’ll probably get a kick out of them. I’ll try to remember to post them on facebook next week! I’d love to see some of yours too.
      Have fun decorating today. Cue the holiday tunes!


  2. Deborah

    I don’t do the large elaborate tree anymore; instead I do a couple of small ones. One, for the den, and one for the dining room. I do have a very small one in the living room. All of my trees are decorated primarily with handmade ornaments. Our family started doing this about 20 years ago. Each year we exchanged them at Thanksgiving dinner. Needless to say we have quite a lot of ornaments. My very favorite is one my Mom made of the nativity. It is made from toothpicks and different kinds of beans. The simplicity of it makes it so special.


    • I love that you exchange the ornaments on Thanksgiving. How fun!! I’d love to see a picture of the nativity! Maybe you can post it over on facebook for us! Thanks for sharing! Hugs and Merry Christmas.


  3. Delene

    Love the western theme. I’m a mishmash of color but very country. When it was only me and Maggie the Dog I went to the artificial tree but it’s 7ft in 3 pieces and pre-lit which I can manage. Just can not lug the big pine anymore Love your tree!


    • That’s a big one!! I was shocked when this little 5′ artificial tree showed up….I swear it didn’t weigh but like 10 lbs! Stick two pieces together – in the stand…and tweak. Easy as pie.


  4. Cute! We broke tradition this year too. We got a fake tree and I didn’t do my usual cookie baking with Christmas music. My kids were at school and I got it down and decorated it with the ornaments I wanted to decorate with. I didn’t put up the ornaments my guys made over the year. They were so shocked when they got home. I told them I put their ornaments in their memory boxes. I think I broke tradition because my house is in the middle of a remodel and we are going on vacation the day after Christmas…..Merry Christmas!


    • I know you’ll be glad when that kitchen renovation is done! I did play Christmas music while I decorated my tree by myself with Dakota spotting me on the ladder 😉 No baking in my kitchen this year yet…but we still have time, sister! 😉 I love that you’re doing memory boxes for the boys. You’re the rockinest mom around.


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