The Hero In My Mind

A funny thing about books is that sometimes we come out of reading them with the perfect image of what someone looks like. Sometimes…that’s because the author has told us exactly what someone looks like right down to the tiny freckle on their right ear lobe.

But often, the author leaves a lot of that to our imagination. I try to do that because I know that every girls hero does not look the same. Some of us like that sharp businessman that is hovering over the line of surpassing our own attention to fashion and details, or maybe a guy whose hands are as rough as sandpaper, or with muscles so practiced that they outline a perfect six – heck let’s make it an eight – pack tummy.

How do you like your hero?

And for those of you that have read Out of Focus AND/OR Pecan Pie and Deadly Lies … tell me who Sheriff Scott Calvin resembles in your mind!  This ought to be fun.




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8 responses to “The Hero In My Mind

  1. del227

    Heroes come all ways for me, but whether it’s muscled, toned but not so muscled that hero has integrity! Scott Calvin, he’s that tall good looking man that catches your eye when he is near. Takes care of himself but not muscle bound. Just that man who you know by actions and appearence is a great guy!

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  2. Personally, I suck at visualizing characters. They never have a face to me. Weird, huh? So, I prefer to actually have both the hero and the heroin on the cover of the books (like so many of yours do). Sometimes, I do however, picture them different if I am not fond of a trait. For example, I have never been a fan of long hair on guys. Not even to their shoulders. I am not offended by it…I just prefer the cleaner cut look I guess. So, when I was reading Cheating Justice by Misty and Adrienne, I pictured Monroe with short hair even though they said he had long hair in a pony tail. 🙂

    As for Sheriff Scott Calvin…I picture him with short dark hair and all put together…sort of like a younger Allen Bestwick (I have no idea if anyone knows who that is but that is the first guy that popped in my mind). Maybe not with his hair quite so perfect, but you get the idea. 🙂


  3. In my current WIP, Nancy, I have yet to describe him, and probably won’t. I used details that discuss what he used to do, what he does now, how he reacts to other people and how they react to him. Not a work about the color of his hair, etc.


  4. Amy! I love that you “create-your-own” even when the hero IS described. That’s cool. Now, I’m all over that pony-tail look hahah. I’ll take Monroe just as they wrote him.

    ALLEN BESTWICK! I know exactly who he is. Nascar – and err-hmmm my age 😉 Yes, he is a clean cut yummyrific man. Maybe we should take him out in the convertible and mess up his hair..just for fun.


  5. I like it beccaswope….my momma always said “pretty is as pretty does” and I think that applies to everyone!


  6. I think for me all my heroes are different. It really depends on the book and I take it from there. I think the one thing they do have in common, unless stated in the book, is that they have this natural look to them, not so business metrosexual look. I like more rugged outdoors type even if they aren’t outdoors kind of men. Does that make sense?


  7. I too create my own image whether the hero is describe or not. I don’t match them up to celebrities except maybe in individual lfeatures like the eyes. Scott is muscular but lean. Dark hair, great smile but strong stare. His story is next, right?


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