2011 was an exciting year for this Virginia girl, and 2012 is looking even brighter!

I’m Nancy Naigle and I write love stories from the crossroad of small town and suspense.

In January 2011 my first short story, FOREVER IN MY HEART, was released in the Turquoise Morning Press Valentine’s Day anthology titled BE MINE, VALENTINE (available at your favorite booksellers like, Amazon :: Barnes&Noble :: B&N nook :: or ask your local bookseller to order you a copy! ) The story takes place in the same small town as, SWEET TEA AND SECRETS (Jul 2011) and OUT OF FOCUS(Nov 2011).

Also in 2011, Phyllis C. Johnson and I released our YA suspense novel, inkBLOT. It’s been met with great reviews by teens and adults. We wrote that book together by passing it back and forth through email. It was a fun adventure and I think the story benefitted from our fun and enthusiasm.

I had the privilege of being on a couple of author panels and book signings. It was so much fun to share information with folks that have a book in their heart and want answers on how to get those stories on the page. It’s not easy navigating the changing tides of publishing, so building a network of authors is a great way to make new friends and learn something in the process. But just as exciting was sharing memories about favorite books with other avid readers.

So what’s up in 2012? More book signings and conferences (I keep the calendar on my website up-to-date) and another Adams Grove Novel.

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I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a line or comment here on the blog.
Thanks for being a part of my dream come true.

Hugs and high 5s~

These bookmarks are available upon request. Yes, that’s Clyde from Sweet Tea and Secrets at the top. He’s a hunk of sweet love, isn’t he?

6 responses to “About

  1. Came over from the Suite T site. Were you at Killer Nashville? Your name sounds familiar. I picked up a copy of Beach Rental by Greene, also from your publisher. I’m impressed with the beauty of their books–and looks like fine editing too. I’ll check out their bookstore and look for you! Your first chapter that I read on one of your other sites sounds great.


  2. Barb Ackley

    Nancy, bought Sweet Tea & Secrets for Kindle in 2012. Was disappointed to find that the version now on Amazon has new material, but instead of being an update to the book I bought, it requires me to re-purchase to get the additional content. Why is it a different ASIN and the old one removed?


  3. Sidsel

    Hi from Oslo, Norway. When can I buy book #7 in the Adam Grove serie? I love the books. Regards Sidsel


  4. Sidsel

    Hi from Oslo, Norway. When can I buy book #7 in the Adam Grove serie? I love the books. I typed tne wrong email adr in my first try. Regards Sidsel


    • Greetings! Book 7 of the Adams Grove series is titled Porch Swings and Promises and it will be out in Feb 2016. Meanwhile, however, LIFE AFTER PERFECT is set in the small fictional town of Boot Creek, North Carolina. That book will be out on May 19th!
      Hugs and happy reading~


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