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Fun place settings for the holidays!

I love doing fun little things at the place settings when the whole family gets together. Do you?

Here’s a fun project that I posted before…but some are worth highlighting again. Whether your hosting a book club meeting  — or just looking for a fun place-setting for your Thanksgiving dining table, this is an easy project that will get lots of smiles.

Gobbler It was from the grocery store chain FOOD LION. Gobbler Cookies

What you’ll need::

  •  Nutter Butter Cookies (this will be the body on your turkey)
  • Fudge Stripe Cookies (this makes his pretty tail!)
  • Small Pretzel Knots or Choc Covered Flipz (his feet!)
  • Candy Corn (for the beak)
  • Gummy Worms (for the gobbler!)
  • Almond Slivers (for his spiky hair)
  • Small Choc Chips (for the eyes)
  • and white icing to hold it all together

Look at the picture and then get creative!!

Do you have a fun and creative project to share?  Please share it here 🙂


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Thanks for putting Barbecue & Bad News on your Goodreads bookshelf!

Just a quick shout-out to all my GOODREADS friends. It’s been so exciting to see Barbecue and Bad News land on your bookshelves for a future read. This is Sheriff Scott Calvin’s love story, but there’s a mystery unfolding and some matchmaking too.

Don’t forget you can pre-order on Amazon and get the low-price guarantee. No matter what the price when you pre-order you’ll get the lowest price on release day. Be one of the first to get Barbecue and Bad News in your hands.  And if you’re a Kindle Prime or Kindle Unlimited subscriber—you can get it that way too.


Now…let’s get to reading.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 11.57.57 PM


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Happy New Year

Wishing you a safe and happy new year celebration and a 2015 filled with magical moments that will give you the best memories yet to come!

Hugs and happiness~  Nancy

FB New Years Eve


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A Sale on SMILES

Okay…well not exactly, but for 99cents (regularly 3.99) for a limited time — you can grab a kindle copy of Book One of The Granny Series :  IN FOR A PENNY. It’s guaranteed to make you smile.



Poor Lil is up to her granny panties in problems, but if there’s one thing you can count on with these gals…it’s that things will be set right. Between Maggie, Serendipity and Abby Ruth ~ Lil has a team of unstoppable gals to help her through whatever comes their way.


Take advantage of this limited time offer and giggle with the girls.
You don’t know about the grannies? Oh honey…they are like Dirty Harry only over 50, female and from the south. (Learn all about them at

But right here……right now…………………..
1. Grab your copy for yourself

2. Gift one to a friend – all you need is their email address

3. Spread the word.  This deal ends in 2 days!
We all need a little light fun in our lives these days, and what better time than when it’s on sale!

Hugs and happy reading~


Coming 10/21….Book Two in The Granny Series. Available for pre-order. Click on the book cover.Fit to Be Tied


GrannyPicture for book back pages
Wondering which granny you are most like? Take the WHO’S YOUR GRANNY? Quiz

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Book Reviewers Are Special People!

Sounds like a perfect bumper sticker, doesn’t it?

So, it’s interesting to me that a lot of folks think they aren’t “qualified” to write a review of a book they’ve enjoyed. Gone are the days where a few select people wrote book reviews for the newspaper and special periodicals. Now, reviews are on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and just about any book buying website. Then, there are awesome online places like and Library Thing or Shelfari that give readers a chance to not only share what they liked about the last books they read…but also connect with other readers that enjoy the same type of books — ultimately bringing awareness to other authors in the genres you enjoy.

The truth is … we are ALL “qualified” to write a book review.

It doesn’t even have to be long. Some of the most impactful reviews are very short. Here are a couple I really appreciated that were just posted yesterday!

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 11.14.55 AM

If you’re not comfortable with it, though, there are other things you can do to help spread the word about the books you’ve enjoyed. You could go to and bring up the book and see the list of reviews there. Just click the YES this was helpful and you’ve done a little something to add weight to that opinion. 🙂 

Also, on scroll down to where there is a link to the Authors Page link::

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 11.08.05 AM

Click on Visit Amazon’s Nancy Naigle Page and you’ll be taken to the author bio. On the far right, you’ll see a LIKE button. You can LIKE that author and you can also Facebook or Tweet from right there.

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 11.11.15 AM

Easy quick ways to support your favorite authors.

Hugs and happy reading~

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You might already know that MINT JULEPS AND JUSTICE is book five of the Adams Grove series. You might even know that this book is scheduled to release on February 1, 2014, but there’s a special promotion going on that could get this book into your hot little hands before it’s even available to the general public!  Read on … for all the details.

Kindle First is a program that offers customers early access to new Kindle books across popular genres from Amazon Publishing.  

  • Every month customers may choose one of the four books selected by Amazon Publishing editors for $1.99.
  • Joining is free with no purchase obligation. By joining, you receive a monthly e-mail announcing new Kindle First picks. You can unsubscribe from the monthly e-mail at any time by visiting AmazonLocal and Amazon Delivers E-mail Subscriptions in Your Account.
  • AND….if you’re an AMAZON PRIME member…you can get this book for FREE. Yep, as in $0.00!

Please also note:

  • Kindle First is available to US customers only.
  • Customers who have previously opted out of all Amazon e-mails will not receive the monthly e-mail announcing new Kindle First picks. If you would like to update your E-mail Preferences, you can do so by visiting Your Account.

 See all four picks from the Kindle First  and grab the book that fits your reading style!

KINDLE FIRST is KEWL as in Kindle Eliminates Waiting Lines OR Kindle Entertains With Love OR Kindle-Everyone Will LoveIt! OR … well you get it. 😉 I’m excited!

I love sharing news like this. You can sign up for my newsletter for updates like this and newsworthy book fun at  Oh!! And if you get the digital copy and still want an autograph…just send me a note. I’d be happy to send you a free autographed Keeper Kase card.




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Fourth of July Fun! All day and Prizes too!



It’s the right time for celebration and reflection and I’m hoping Tonya Kappes and I are going to add a little sparkle to your day with our day long virtual party.

  • Fun? Absolutely!
  • Silly? Oh, probably – you know how we are when we get together!
  • Prizes? Oh yeah!
  • Anyone can hang out? Yep – everyone’s invited!

Throughout the day on my facebook page –

and on Tonya’s page –

hop on over because we’ll be just having a good old time. Comment often and you could win prizes. We’re both hosting giveaways of books from our author friends that we think you’ll enjoy — if you want to be in the pot for a free book….then comment on THAT post!

Tonya will be doing her bigger deals this morning and starting at 1pm this afternoon….I’ll be posting several videos from author friends of mine with books to giveaway —- so be there for those for sure!

Virtual fun so bring your imagination and something fun to add to the hot dog bar later today when we’re cooking out (pretend-style).

Leave a quick comment right here so I know you came by and you’ll be in the draw for a $20 Amazon Gift card.

See the fun is already beginning!

Hugs and happy Fourth of July!



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Brighton – Books – Baby Goats – Brenda Novak Auction :: What do these things have in common?

They are some of my favorite things…and…this Saturday 5/4 at 9pm eastern (6pm pacific) I’ll be hanging out with the Brighton folks on their Facebook page for a BRIGHTON LIVING May Issue Facebook party talking about all of those things and anything else on your mind. I hope you’ll join us. Details on how the Facebook party works are at the very bottom of this post so you can print them out if you like. We’ll be giving away prizes to lucky posters … books, my new Adams Grove scented candle from Shining Sol candles and adorable wedding cake charms from Brighton. YAY!

Brighton charms

You don’t have to wait to check out the article though. You can do that now by going to and clicking on the BRIGHTON LIVING tab just under the banner. Then you’ll see the cover of the issue and the READ STORY button for the article “Heart in the Write Place“. Take a read and leave a comment. And don’t forget to LIKE the Brighton page. I personally think they should have a LOVE button…but that’s just me.

ALSO—don’t forget the Brenda Novak Online Auction for Diabetes is in full swing. There are some amazing donations. I’m the category captain for the READ. RELAX. REPEAT. category, but I also was able to get a pair of tickets and meet and greet passes to see Bret Michaels…that, my friends, we posted under the ONCE IN A LIFETIME category! Sweet! Visit the auction today. It runs through the end of May and their are items in every price range. Even a little adds up to a lot, and together…we’ll make a difference.



1) If you don’t have a Facebook account, you need to create one. Go to to sign up.

2) Once you’ve signed up (or logged in if you already have an account), go to at 6:00 p.m. PT/9:00 p.m. ET on May 4th .

3) ‘Like’ our page if you haven’t already done so. The ‘Like’ button is located under our timeline cover picture, on the right side. Just click it.

4) Look for the post about Brighton Living. You can’t miss it. We will have just put it up, so it will be the most recent post on the page, in the left column, with a photo of our May magazine cover.

5) At the bottom of that entry, underneath the magazine cover photo, you’ll see ‘Like’ ‘Comment’ ‘Share’ – You can click any of these buttons to reach the newsfeeds/tickers of your FB friends.

6) To contribute a comment, write something in the field that appears beneath the post’s magazine cover photo.

7) To update, so you see other people’s comments, just refresh the page. The refresh button is F5 on a PC or just click the circular arrow that’s on the top of your page, on the right side of your address bar.

8) If you see someone’s comment, and want to respond directly to that person, begin your message with @ and the person’s Facebook name.

A Facebook party is just like a live chat. People should feel free to chime in. We’ll be on the page to help if anyone has difficulties.

Thanks for coming to the party! Look forward to ‘seeing’ you.

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Hi Friends,

We turned the clocks and did the SPRING FORWARD thing this weekend and I bet you all are just as antsy as I am for spring to get here. Well, today I have a special treat for you. A great book that will put you right in the swing of things.

My author friend, Tracy March, has her debut release today. The book is called THE PRACTICE PROPOSAL. It’s a sweet contemporary with small town connections and a hot baseball player as the hero. I had the great honor of reading this book prior to release. I loved the story so much that I did the cover blurb.


Don’t take my word for it….jump on over to and order your own copy. You’ll be swept away by Liza and Cole and if you’re like me … you’ll be anxiously awaiting the next Bliss book from Tracy later this year.

You can follow Tracy on facebook and twitter via @Tracy_March.

Let me know what you think! And if you love it … please take just a moment and leave a sweet review on Amazon. It’s one of the best gifts you can give an author 🙂

Hugs and happy reading~


PS — Tracy is a Virginia girl, too!!

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Together ~ we can make a difference!

Sometimes a task seems so big ~ and when it’s helping someone who is battling a disease ~ finding a way to help can feel impossible.

Take heart in knowing that together, even tiny contributions, when combined with others do make a difference. I ran across this saying on facebook this morning, and it aligned perfectly with what I wanted to share with you today.

My cousin, Jenn, is married to her childhood sweetheart, Greg, and is the mother of two pre-teen boys.  In 2009, she was diagnosed with a type of colorectal cancer and she’s been through several treatment plans since. You can read about her journey and the latest updates at I’m mentioning her today, because she’s  just started a new treatment, and as if the treatments alone are not hard enough, she’s having to travel from Carolina down to Florida for them.

Finances are a roadblock in being able to get her boys and family members to  her during this journey and I’m hopeful we can join together to make a difference. Even $1 adds to the bounty and will help. There’s a fund already setup and you can contribute online through paypal, or if you’re like me and prefer a paper trail — Crossroads Publishing House, LLC will be routing funds to her.

CROSSROADS PUBLISHING HOUSE ~ PO BOX 723 ~ EMPORIA, VA 23847  (Make your check to Crossroads Publishing House – Friends of Jenn)

or directly through paypal to:  (Gregory and Jenn McManus)

…and seriously, every dollar counts.

I’m a true believer in teaming up with others to make a difference. You might recall my posts on facebook about the Cancer Relay For Life in Norfolk earlier this year, and that I was a category captain for Brenda Novak’s Online Auction to Find a Cure for Diabetes. We raised a final total of $2600 contribution for the diabetes auction and I’m working hard to come up with good ideas to raise the bar for my category next year. If you have any suggestions, please share them!

What will you do to make a difference in someone else’s life this week?


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