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Kindle Love Stories ~ FIRST BLUSH

Counting down to the release of the sixth book in the Adams Grove series…BARBECUE AND BAD NEWS.

3d BBN

One of the hot hunks from Kindle Love Stories shares a little here on the video cast –> Kindle Love Stories – FIRST BLUSH           Watch and then enter to win one of twenty copies of this not-yet-released book!

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 11.22.37 PM


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And being stopped for speeding changed her life.

Yep…that about sums up how Savannah Dey met Sheriff Scott Calvin. He’d stopped her for going seven miles over the speed limit. Oh…do…not…scoff. It happened all the time in the little town I used to live in!

“No…not a speed trap,” they’d say. “Just strictly enforcing the speed limit. For your safety.”


Barbecue and Bad News will be the 6th Adams Grove novel and it comes out 2/10. You can pre-order it now though. Catch up on the whole small town series of love stories speckled with suspense…and by the way you can get Mint Juleps and Justice for just $1.99 for your Kindle the rest of this month!  

Welcome to Adams Grove…where the tea is sweet, but trouble is brewing!

Oh! If you want to be sure you get an alert when Barbecue and Bad News is out — add it to your Goodreads shelf by clicking here or go to Amazon and LIKE my Author Page here and Amazon will give you a quick email when I have any book coming out. Cool, huh? 

Hugs and happy reading!


Reading on Tablet canstockphoto18339591

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Fourth of July Fun! All day and Prizes too!



It’s the right time for celebration and reflection and I’m hoping Tonya Kappes and I are going to add a little sparkle to your day with our day long virtual party.

  • Fun? Absolutely!
  • Silly? Oh, probably – you know how we are when we get together!
  • Prizes? Oh yeah!
  • Anyone can hang out? Yep – everyone’s invited!

Throughout the day on my facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/nancy.naigle

and on Tonya’s page –  https://www.facebook.com/tonyakappes

hop on over because we’ll be just having a good old time. Comment often and you could win prizes. We’re both hosting giveaways of books from our author friends that we think you’ll enjoy — if you want to be in the pot for a free book….then comment on THAT post!

Tonya will be doing her bigger deals this morning and starting at 1pm this afternoon….I’ll be posting several videos from author friends of mine with books to giveaway —- so be there for those for sure!

Virtual fun so bring your imagination and something fun to add to the hot dog bar later today when we’re cooking out (pretend-style).

Leave a quick comment right here so I know you came by and you’ll be in the draw for a $20 Amazon Gift card.

See the fun is already beginning!

Hugs and happy Fourth of July!



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I admit it. Well, it is my birthday month. Not until the 29th, but at my age I get to claim the whole month, right?

I’m working like crazy to get ready for a fun day on my facebook page on July 4th. You see, Tonya Kappes and I are going to be having a virtual party and I hope I see lots of y’all there. Some of our writer friends will be sharing their books too. You could win one..or two..or even something else like an Amazon gift card. Who couldn’t spend one of those!

This July is especially busy. SWEET TEA AND SECRETS is on sale for a special $1.99 kindle price, so if you know anyone who hasn’t read it…pass that along. They’ll get that low price all month and then they can jump right into WEDDING CAKE AND BIG MISTAKES. That one comes out on July 9th and I’m so excited for all of us to see if Pearl’s matchmaking streak will hold to the undefeated with Carolanne and Connor!

I’ll be in Atlanta the 16th-20th for the big RWA Conference. I hope any of y’all local to Atlanta will come out for the big literacy signing. All the proceeds go to the great cause AND you get to meet your favorite authors. It’s a crazy, hectic, amazing fun night and it’s free to get in.

Meanwhile, the KINDLE WORLDS:: Pretty Little Liars shorts that I wrote are staying on the top of the lists.
THe PAth to RelAxAtion and The LiArs’ LAir are both on the TOP RATED list.
A fun quickie read for just 99cents. I hope you’ll enjoy them and leave a review if you do. You know how I love reviews…and it is my birthday this month, after all!

Hope you all have an amazing July. I’m treating the family to fresh strawberry shortcake tonight to start the celebrations.
Hugs and happy reading~

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Countdown continues – 12 Days and a Keeper Kase™

Congratulations to Virginia Rush who won the prettiest tea cup and assorted teas for joining in yesterdays fun!

I’ve got a cute Keeper Kase™ with autographed cards for SWEET TEA AND SECRETS, OUT OF FOCUS and Dianna Love’s new title, LAST CHANCE TO RUN, to get you started up for grabs today. All you have to do today is pop on over to my author page and leave your thoughts on what format you like to read in. Paper, Digital, Audio….AND you’re favorite place or time of day to read.  EASY as 1-2-3.  Click on over there now if you like! https://www.facebook.com/NancyNaigleAuthor?ref=hl

WHAT?? You don’t know what a Keeper Kase™  is? Lordy goodness, let me fill you in!  A Keeper Kase™ is the fun brainchild of author Dianna Love, and it’s a a way to collect signed covers of your favorite books (we’re calling them Keeper Kase cards)–by using a Keeper Kase™  to complement your library (ebook or print!) where you collect signed swag from your favorite authors. You can use any photo album or “brag book” that holds 4×6 inch photos–and you can have them signed and personalized to keep alongside your e-reader, or your fav collection of books.

I’ve joined a great group of authors who have cover cards ready to send so you can start your collection today.

If you don’t win today’s prize — you can always join in the Keeper Kase card fun on your own. (You won’t get the Kase…just the cards) TO RECEIVE TWO OF THESE BOOK COVERS AT A TIME Send a SASE (Self-addressed stamped #10 envelope ~ that’s the long kind! ~ and one stamp will cover it) to:  NANCY NAIGLE ~ PO Box 723 ~ Emporia, VA 23847

Each of my cards includes the cover image, and a special little something about that book, along with a place for me to personalize it for you (or that someone special as a gift or keepsake).

Now you can collect signed covers of your favorite books. Perfect for fans of digital reading, and a fun gift for that hard to buy for book lover on your list.
These cards solve for some of the feedback we’ve heard recently, like:

  • Bookstores who won’t let you get an autograph without buying a physical copy of the book
  • E-Reader covers filled with signatures that don’t transfer when you upgrade your equipment
  • Authors who don’t make it to your town for a signing

To see the latest list of authors with cards ready for your own Keeper Kase™ , visit Dianna Love’swebsite.

Can’t wait to see your posts on facebook….and here too if you like…Hugs and happy reading~


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Countdown to release…on 9/25…13 days to go!

I always get worried when I do math in public . . . haha . . . but we’re going to say 13 days and just count on down from here.  On Tuesday, September 25th, SWEET TEA AND SECRETS will be released by Montlake Romance. You don’t have to wait to order it, you can pre-order today. I’m hoping you, my friends!, will help me spread the word so we give this book a happy launch day on the 25th!  To get in celebration mode, each day until then I’m going to give a little something away. You in? It’s easy! I promise.

Yesterday, Dina Stornello, was the winning commenter. I just shipped out her advanced reader’s copy of Sweet Tea and Secrets, a Killer Nashville Read. Relax. Repeat. Tote Bag and a couple other goodies. Fun!

Ready for your chance to win??  


  1. If you haven’t already – go to Amazon and click the like button on your favorite version (print, digital or audio) of Sweet Tea and Secrets.
  2. Share the link to the recipe for Pearl’s Perfect Sweet Tea with your friends on facebook or twitter -> http://www.NancyNaigle.com/sweettea.htm
  3. Leave a message on my facebook author page http://www.facebook.com/nancynaigleauthor on the question of the day — how do you like your tea??
  4. Cross your fingers!

An adorable tea mug and assorted Harney & Sons tea, along with a Killer Nashville READ. RELAX. REPEAT. tote bag because they are so handy!  I’ll draw today’s winner at midnight PST so all our friends coast to coast get a chance.


Hugs and happy reading!   Nancy


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It’s National Scrabble Week 8/11-8/15 – GAME ON!

I grew up in a family that liked to play games. We were always competitive and I still to this day love to play games. Mom and I get together or Yahtzee and Scrabble nights whenever I can make the time and there is no mercy.

So, let’s have some letter-ific fun on National Scrabble Week.
With the tiles shown below — make your best word. And since this should be fun I’m giving you more than 7 tiles. Post your word and add up the points. Let’s see who wins.

Can’t wait to see how creative y’all get!!
Hugs and happy spelling~

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Booklovers Unite!

So much of what we do anymore seems to be online and these in-person events put personality into those later online interactions. My favorite events are those focused on readers AND authors.

For that reason, I’m starting a list of reader/author events across the nation.
Help me build this list — we’ll keep it updated with new entries, and don’t forget to leave a note about your experience at these events so others will know if it’s the right fit for them next time!


JUNE – 6/20-24/2012 ROMFest – Gatlinburg, TN
JUNE – 6/21-24/2012 ROMCon – Denver, CO
AUGUST – 8/12th 1-4pm FREE  Adirondack Reader ~ Reader Author’s Fair – Inlet, NY
OCTOBER – 10/14 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Buns & Roses Romance for Literary Tea Renaissance Hotel in the Dallas suburb of Richardson, TX.
NOVEMBER – 11/3/2012 Southern Magic Romance Readers Luncheon – Birmingham, AL
NOVEMBER – 11/9-11/2012 Readers & ‘ritas –  Allen, TX
NOVEMBER – 11/10/2012 Heart of Louisiana’s Annual Romance Readers Luncheon


JANUARY – 1/17-20/2013 Girlfriend Weekend – Jefferson, TX
APRIL  –  4/27/2013  Barbara Vey Reader Author Luncheon – Milwaukee, WI (*I’ll be at this one!)
MAY – date tbd Heart of Dixie Annual Reader Luncheon – Alabama
MAY – 5/31 – 6/1/2013 Arizona Dreamin’ Romance Reader Event – Chandler, AZ
JUNE – 2013 date not announed yet  Lori Foster Reader Author Get Together – Cincinnati, OH (*I’ll be at this one!)

Thoughout the year – http://www.bookyourlunch.com/ Greenville, SC – a series of author lunches at The Lazy Goat

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On Friday, September 30th, I drove down to Suffolk, VA and spent the evening with the BOOK CLUB BABES. Special thanks to Sonja who was the host of the meeting and invited me.

What a wonderful surprise to see this sign right on the front door. The hosts daughter made it for me. I’ve got it in my office on my wall now. It makes me smile every time I glance at it! Thanks!

This group of educators gets together once a month. These gals do it right, too. They move the meeting to different members houses each month and whoever is the host is responsible for the meal. Yes! A meal … and wine … and dessert, too. Members bring side dishes to round out a wonderful evening of food and fun.

Since Sweet Tea and Secrets was the book for the month, they even made sweet tea, Jill’s Quickie Chopped Slaw Salad and Pearl’s Famous Chocolate Pecan Pie — all recipes found in the book.

I had the most wondeful time with these ladies. One of the highlights was flipping through their scrapbook. They have a scrapbook page for every single book the club has read. It’s creative and fun and walking down memory lane was so much fun. They even lent me one of their recent reads, The Venetian Mask. An awesome book. I really enjoyed it.

This was my first official book club visit. They sure did set a high bar, but I can’t wait to attend more.

Thank you so much to the Suffolk Book Club Babes for making such a special night for Sweet Tea and Secrets and sharing their thoughts about the town and folks of Adams Grove.

Hugs and happy reading,


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Friends tell friends…

Isn’t it the truth that we love sharing good news with friends? Great restaurants, super movies, and books by new authors. Hey! I’m a new author! I had so much fun with those letters from Angela and Alicia that I had a little fun with my copies of Sweet Tea and Secrets. Yes…I said copies. You see, we have a 2nd edition out and the second cover is even sweeter than the first! Spread the word that it’s also at a lower e-book price in July…just $2.99 on kindle, nook and other formats, too.

Here’s a picture of a Holland Farm resident checking out Sweet Tea and Secrets.

Say hello to Cheezburger. He’s a one week old red&white holstein. Here Cheezburger is reading Sweet Tea and Secrets at bottle time. He’s a Clyde fan….Boys that drool have to stick together, you know!

Oh, didn’t you know? I live on Holland Farm. We have several hundred goats…this is our very first cow. My husband has more hat than herd (unless you count the goats!!), but we’re okay with that. We’re loving having Cheezburger around and the goats seem to like him, too.

I hope you’ll share some fun pictures of Sweet Tea and Secrets … we’ll add them right here.
It will be fun!
Hugs and happy reading,

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