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HOW SWEET IT IS! The sale, that is!

If you haven’t read the bestselling series set in Adams Grove…now is the perfect time. Start with book one, SWEET TEA AND SECRETS.


For a very limited time, all six books in this series are on sale for just $2 each in kindle format.
Grab them all, and devour them throughout the summer.

Quick, tell your friends…or better yet…keep the sale to yourself and gift your book-loving friends the whole series. They’ll think you’re pretty darn terrific. 😉

Hugs and happy reading.

PSSST — here’s the book trailer too ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pm9MUDRh5i0



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Inside Scoop :: Pecan Pie and Deadly Lies

Today is the release date for the AUDIBLE version of Pecan Pie and Deadly Lies.

The paperback and digital formats come out next Tuesday – 9/24.

You met Cody Tuggle in the book OUT OF FOCUS, but in this book you’ll get his story and you’ll get to know Cody up close and personal. I can’t wait for you to join him in concert, tour his house, hear about his relationship with his mom and find out what his hobbies are. For example, did you know that Cody Tuggle has dogs. Yep! Sure does. He has two. A German Shepherd and a Border Collie.

Want to guess their names?  Yeah…that’s never as much fun as it sounds, is it?

canstockphoto13233897 Dogs German Shepherd Border Collie

The German Shepherd is named Gibson after Cody’s fav guitar.

The border collie is named Rose…and contrary to popular opinion she’s not named for the song “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” by another Country Rocker we all know…..but I personally chose that name because when I was at the Ewings goat ranch in Texas about 12 years ago they had a border collie named Rose that absolutely wowed me. She worked the herd like nobody’s business. That dog made a lasting impression on me … so I figured she deserved the honor of being in this book.

So there you have it … Cody Tuggle – dog lovin’ – honky tonkin’ country singer – and up to his pretty eyes in trouble.

Hope you’ll journey with he and Kasey in Pecan Pie and Deadly Lies.

Hugs and happy reading,


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SCOOCH OVER! Yeah, You!!

Sometimes things need a little face lift and you, my readers, said that although they really liked the original cover of OUT OF FOCUS….y’all thought it needed to look more like the rest of the series.

So….it’s happening right now. The digital book will change first and sometime next week the paperbacks will be sporting the new look too.

Here’s the old and the new.


Thanks for your help making the final decision on the cover art, too.
Now Out of Focus looks like the sister book to PECAN PIE AND DEADLY LIES that comes out this September 🙂
Y’all are the best!!


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Love Small Town Series? Books 3 & 4 coming soon…

WELCOME TO ADAMS GROVE…where the tea is sweet, but trouble is brewing.

Thanks so much for supporting this series and being patient as I switched publishers which delayed the next installments a little….but we’re getting closer!! I love this small southern town, and I’m glad you’ve embraced it too.

As you know, we kicked off the Adams Grove series with these two books.

Sweet Tea and Secrets and Out of Focus, can be read in any order.  So if you’re behind…grab them now and catch up!

On July 9th – Wedding Cake and Big Mistakes will release. That picks up where Sweet Tea and Secrets left off. Jill and Garrett are back, and you’ll find out if Pearl was right about Carolanne’s love match or not.  Wedding Cake and Big Mistakes is available for pre-order on amazon.com now, and you’ll get amazon’s low price guarantee on your pre-order, too.  It will be available in trade paperback, audio and kindle digital.

I’m very excited that we’re working on the final cover for the fourth book in he series Pecan Pie and Deadly Lies. This is the “rest of the story” from Out of Focus. If you loved Cody Tuggle in Out of Focus, you’re going to be thrilled to meet up with him again in Pecan Pie and Deadly Lies. This one is set in Adams Grove and in Nashville, TN at Cody Tuggle’s estate – Hillcrest Farm. It was an awesome story to write and I had some extra-special help with the music industry and touring from the lead guitarist of the Bret Michaels Band, none other than Pete Evick! He spent hours and countless texts and emails helping me vet my ideas. It was so much fun to hear his stories and glean inspiration from his rock star life. To play with a legend like Bret Michaels you know Pete’s one heckuva talent — but more importantly, he’s one heckuva a nice man. I’m honored to have met him and include him in my circle of friends. Thanks, Pete!

DanPostVintageBluebirdBootsIn case you haven’t read Out of Focus yet, we’ve put the Kindle version on sale for just 99cents for a couple weeks. I hope you’ll grab it while it’s extra affordable and fall in love with Cody…and be ready for his story on September 24th (just happens to be my 19th wedding anniversary that day!!)

Pecan Pie and Deadly Lies is on sale for pre-order in paperback for a low 7.77 right now, so jump in on that deal while it’s going on. Pre-ordering on amazon is easy and they guarantee you’ll get that lowest price!!

So…here’s to lots more fun in Adams Grove over the next few months.   Stay tuned for the cover reveal of Book Four — coming soon~

Thanks for taking the ride with me.


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