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Happy MAY 19!

Help me celebrate my book birthday for LIFE AFTER PERFECT.   If you loved Adams Grove, you’re going to enjoy the escape to Boot Creek, too.

Pass it on…and use the hashtag #LifeAfterPerfect on Kindle Love Stories Facebook or Twitter pages (or both!) and you could have a chance to win a $100 Gift Card.  Check out all the details right here.

FB LAP Release Day Cake


Hugs and happy reading~ Nancy



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I’m in Dallas, TX. Yeeha!

Hey friends,

It’s almost time for the GIANT BOOK FAIR at the Romantic Times Book Lovers Convention. I’m in Dallas, TX now, and so excited to meet with readers at this awesome event. I’ve got my boots on and I’m ready to scoot!

I hope you’ll catch up with me if you’re in town.  Look for my display on PROMO ALLEY for some free surprises, too!


WED – 1:15pm – Big Fun In A Small Town (session 3-129).  Panel: Nancy Naigle, Brenda Novak, Sheila Roberts, Victoria Dahl  This is going to be a fun get-together with some sweet prizes! Join us.

FRI – 11:30-noon – Special Appearance slot in Club RT. Join Tracy March and I in a game of change for prizes. Bring your books or swag to get signed, or just say hello!

FRI – 3:30pm-4pm – Club RT – Another round of Romance Pong with Tracy March and Nancy Naigle. Come and get your game on!

SAT – 11-2pm GIANT BOOK FAIR – Look for Nancy in ROW 17!

SAT – 6:15pm-6:50pm FAN-tastic Day Party

See y’all around!


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IN FOR A PENNY – humorous fiction and you could win an AUTOGRAPHED Large Print copy!

3d IFAPGiveaway ends December 14, 2014.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win

READ the whole series…
AND now the new romance novella featuring Sheriff Teague Castro from The Granny Series in the first PICK YOUR PASSION novella where you decided the passion level – SWEET or HEAT!
PYP AOMM Book3d Avatar

Hugs and happy reading~

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SCOOCH OVER! Yeah, You!!

Sometimes things need a little face lift and you, my readers, said that although they really liked the original cover of OUT OF FOCUS….y’all thought it needed to look more like the rest of the series.

So….it’s happening right now. The digital book will change first and sometime next week the paperbacks will be sporting the new look too.

Here’s the old and the new.


Thanks for your help making the final decision on the cover art, too.
Now Out of Focus looks like the sister book to PECAN PIE AND DEADLY LIES that comes out this September 🙂
Y’all are the best!!


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Love Small Town Series? Books 3 & 4 coming soon…

WELCOME TO ADAMS GROVE…where the tea is sweet, but trouble is brewing.

Thanks so much for supporting this series and being patient as I switched publishers which delayed the next installments a little….but we’re getting closer!! I love this small southern town, and I’m glad you’ve embraced it too.

As you know, we kicked off the Adams Grove series with these two books.

Sweet Tea and Secrets and Out of Focus, can be read in any order.  So if you’re behind…grab them now and catch up!

On July 9th – Wedding Cake and Big Mistakes will release. That picks up where Sweet Tea and Secrets left off. Jill and Garrett are back, and you’ll find out if Pearl was right about Carolanne’s love match or not.  Wedding Cake and Big Mistakes is available for pre-order on amazon.com now, and you’ll get amazon’s low price guarantee on your pre-order, too.  It will be available in trade paperback, audio and kindle digital.

I’m very excited that we’re working on the final cover for the fourth book in he series Pecan Pie and Deadly Lies. This is the “rest of the story” from Out of Focus. If you loved Cody Tuggle in Out of Focus, you’re going to be thrilled to meet up with him again in Pecan Pie and Deadly Lies. This one is set in Adams Grove and in Nashville, TN at Cody Tuggle’s estate – Hillcrest Farm. It was an awesome story to write and I had some extra-special help with the music industry and touring from the lead guitarist of the Bret Michaels Band, none other than Pete Evick! He spent hours and countless texts and emails helping me vet my ideas. It was so much fun to hear his stories and glean inspiration from his rock star life. To play with a legend like Bret Michaels you know Pete’s one heckuva talent — but more importantly, he’s one heckuva a nice man. I’m honored to have met him and include him in my circle of friends. Thanks, Pete!

DanPostVintageBluebirdBootsIn case you haven’t read Out of Focus yet, we’ve put the Kindle version on sale for just 99cents for a couple weeks. I hope you’ll grab it while it’s extra affordable and fall in love with Cody…and be ready for his story on September 24th (just happens to be my 19th wedding anniversary that day!!)

Pecan Pie and Deadly Lies is on sale for pre-order in paperback for a low 7.77 right now, so jump in on that deal while it’s going on. Pre-ordering on amazon is easy and they guarantee you’ll get that lowest price!!

So…here’s to lots more fun in Adams Grove over the next few months.   Stay tuned for the cover reveal of Book Four — coming soon~

Thanks for taking the ride with me.


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Enter to win…

…an autographed copy of OUT OF FOCUS on goodreads.com. Enter between now and December 15th.
Goodreads.com is free to join and you’ll find recommendations on new books from other readers who read the books you like! A win-win.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Out of Focus by Nancy Naigle

Out of Focus

by Nancy Naigle

Giveaway ends December 15, 2011.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win

Thanks for your support and for spreading the word about the Adams Grove Novels.
Hugs and happy reading~

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Out of Focus :: Kings River Life Magazine Review

Hey friends

The online magazine Kings River Life published their December issue. Inside you’ll find their special Christmas Gift Suggestions Book List and I’m excited to share that Out of Focus and inkBLOT (the novel I co-wrote with Phyllis Johnson) are both on the list!!

OUT OF FOCUS – reviewed by Diana Hockley said “Nancy’s style is laid back and easy – I read it in one night….I reviewed Nancy’s first Adams Grove novel, Sweet Tea and Secrets, some time ago, and although I was impressed, I am of the opinion that this story is even better in terms of technical expertise and emotive imagery. Highly recommended!”

inkBLOT – reviewed by Terrance V McArthur said “In a world where Internet wonderboys can turn their concepts into megabucks, it is fun to watch Ronnie trying to parlay his brand into wider usage, while someone else tries to spin him into police custody. There are lessons in marketing savvy that add to the fun of this quirky novel.”

Here’s the link to the magazine. You can read the full reviews and  enter to win free books!


Hugs and Happy Reading…



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Click here to go to GoodReads.com and enter to win a signed copy of OUT OF FOCUS

GoodReads.com is a great place to share and find books you love to read. Visit today to enter a signed copy of Out of Focus – the second novel with ties to Adams Grove.


Hugs and happy reading~


December 3, 2011 · 3:06 am

Out of Focus – #Sample Chapter

My second novel with ties to the small southern town of Adams Grove is Out of Focus. If you haven’t read Sweet Tea and Secrets – you can check out the whole first chapter of that story here.

Here’s your #Sample of Out of Focus.
Out of Focus
OUT OF FOCUSAn Adams Grove Novel

A woman is caught in a web of friendship and betrayal as she desperately searches for her son.


Kasey Phillips snapped off three more pictures of the country singer straddling seven hundred pounds of sleek American-made motorcycle. Cody Tuggle looked more rugged than the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains that swelled in the background.

At her command, Tuggle leaned forward across the wide chrome handlebars. Even with the bandanna tied around his head like a do-rag, a look she’d never found appealing, there was no denying this guy was sizzling hot and all man.

Kasey’s eyes narrowed as she leaned to get a unique angle. The estate was the perfect setting for this magazine shoot. It belonged to Cody’s agent, Arty Max. From the looks of the place, Tuggle’s fame had paid off big for everyone.

Band members and roadies lined the perimeter, but she stayed focused on her subject. Curious onlookers were one of the biggest obstacles at an outdoor shoot, but it was easy to tune them out when the subject was someone with such star quality.

Working with the light and shadows, she repositioned to find the right interplay to intensify the image. The camera clicked at a fast clip, and then not at all, as she considered the next best opportunity.

Click. Click. Click-click-click.

“I thought this was supposed to be hard work,” Cody said, pulling her out of her zone. “Those bikini models are always complaining about it on TV.” Laughter laced his voice. “Y’know, that fanny duster job, dusting the sand off those cuties’ hind ends. Now that looks like a right sweet gig. Got any connections?”

Kasey lowered her camera. “You mean, in case the singing thing doesn’t work out for you?” She gave him a scolding look. As the mom of a three-year old, she’d pretty much perfected it. “If you keep  talking I’ll catch you with your mouth wide open, and you’ll look dopey. Shhhsh.”

“That must be why I always look drunk in those tabloids.” Cody flashed a devilish smile. “Anybody ever tell you, you’re kinda bossy?”

“I got both of those shots,” she warned. “Those weekly gossip rags pay big bucks for celeb uglies.  The uglier they are, the more they pay. They’d pay top dollar for those last two pictures.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“You’re right.” She raised her hand in front of her like a traffic cop. “Stay still. Yeah. Right there.” A perfect shot. The candy-apple red Harley was only feet away from  the black fence that surrounded the estate. Light swept through a stand of birch trees in the distance, their thin white-barked trunks made the colors appear more vibrant and crisp. The forest displayed a myriad of green shades  now. Those leaves would boast orange, yellow, reds and purples in the fall as the chlorophyll faded and autumn arrived—an awesome display to capture on film.

Cody spoke to someone just behind her.

She shot him the look.

“What? It’s hard to sit still this long and not say a word.” Cody rewarded her with a natural smile. She took advantage of it, snapping the image.

Kasey enjoyed the gentle sparring. “What’s the problem? You got ants in your pants? You said this modeling stuff was so easy, but all I’ve heard for the past thirty minutes is a bunch of girly  complaining.”

“Hey now, be nice. Girly?  Me? You’re gonna hurt my feelin’s.”

The roadies and band members nudged one another.

“Somehow I doubt that.” Kasey watched the star’s smile fade into an exaggerated pout. He might be used to women falling at his feet, but she wasn’t one of his groupies. “Did I bruise your frail ego?”  What a ham. “Maybe it’s that silly rag on your head makin’ you all girly.”

She couldn’t help herself. The man in front of her was huge, at least six foot four, with shoulders so broad the wide-set handlebars on the motorcycle didn’t look nearly as impressive. This  guy could wear a pink tutu and look masculine.

The band members and roadies seemed to enjoy the banter, but she wasn’t sure whom they were rooting for—Cody or her.

Cody sat up straight on the bike, his smile gone. He pulled the bandanna off and ran his fingers through his flattened mass of blonde hair.

She took in a quick breath. Maybe that last comment had crossed a line. She knew the do-rag was symbolic to the band, but then if her jab got him to quit mugging around, it would be worth it. She’d get the best shots of the day.

His hair bounced back into its usual tangle of waves, softening his chiseled look. He stuffed the slip of fabric into his back pocket with a half grin, maybe just short of a smirk.

Kasey clicked like mad. “Now we’re talking.”

Cody tugged open the snaps of his western shirt.

She switched cameras and gave him a nod of encouragement. Tuggle’s PR guys had left last night. She called the shots now. Just the way she liked it. This was all Cody.

His tan accentuated his chest. Flawless. He didn’t have a soft, white-collar body. This was the body of a guy who enjoyed getting physical.

“Looking right manly now, Mr. Tuggle.” Her heart and soul belonged to Nick, but staring at Cody Tuggle for hours at a time was no punishment.

“Mr. Tuggle? Why is it the less I’m wearin’ the more business you get?” He stepped off the motorcycle in one easy movement and took a step in her direction.

“Quit it, you big flirt.” She took another picture. “I’m married.” She wiggled her ring finger in his direction.

Kasey glanced at her watch. It was almost nine. “Let’s take five.” She walked to a table nearby, pulled her phone from her hip and dialed home. Every day on the road, at nine o’clock sharp each morning, there was nothing more important than checking in with Nick and Jake. She loved her work, but they were the light of each day, and three days in a row of not being with them was torture.

With her back to Cody and the others, she talked to Nick. He caught her up on their plan for the day. She checked her watch again, then forced herself to wrap up the call.  “Love, love, love you boys.”

“I love you ten and five, Mom.” Jake’s tiny voice made her heart bubble. Ten and five was the biggest number in the world to him.

“Love you, babe. See you at the other end of the day,” Nick said and hung up.

A familiar surge of happiness consumed her. She couldn’t wait to be home with them. She and Nick had wed just a few months after they’d met. It was a marriage made in heaven, and Jake was the icing on the wedding cake. That little angel was the best thing she’d ever done
in her life.

She snapped her phone shut and headed back to the shoot. “Let’s go, guys.”

Tuggle turned his attention back to her. “Call home to check in with Mr. Phillips?”

“Not exactly. Phillips is my maiden name.” She switched to her digital camera for the final run. “But yes. I was checking in at home.”

“That dude’s one lucky guy.”

“Two, actually.”

Cody leaned forward and lowered his voice. “Two? I bet number one doesn’t think much of that.”

         “Funny.” She wrinkled her nose. “Husband and son.”

Read the rest of OUT OF FOCUS – available in trade paperback, and digital formats at all your favorite etailers. You can get your copy today::
Available in trade paperback on Amazon.com, for kindle, and for nook.

Are you on twitter?? Tweet this sample to your friends by using this link = Have you read the sample of OUT OF FOCUS by @NancyNaigle :: NancyNaigle.wordpress.com #lovestory

Thanks for your support and help spreading the word!
Hugs and happy reading~


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